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Board of Directors’ Schools’ Committee

Fernando Fernandez, School Committee Member

The Jaime Escalante Program

Donnell Beverly Jr., School Committee Member

Westbrook Enterprises

Donnell Beverly Jr. is the President at Russell Westbrook Enterprises where he leads the enterprise’s business management, real estate, and investment of liquid assets. The Russell Westbrook Enterprise portfolio includes investments in health, fitness, fashion, social media, automobile sales, and more. Prior to his work with Russell Westbrook Enterprises he specialized in the intersection of sports, business management, and real estate.

Elizabeth Mann, School Committee Secretary

Mann Legal Team

Elizabeth Mann is a founder of Mann Legal Team, based in Manhattan Beach.  She has extensive experience litigating cases in several areas including entertainment, defamation, health care, antitrust, real estate, investment finance, environmental, regulatory, and class actions.  Mann has over 20 years of experience as a partner of an international law firm.

Stephen Prough, School Committee Chair

Salem Partners

Stephen Prough is a Founder of Salem Partners and Salem Partners Wealth Management. In addition to his management responsibilities for Salem Partners’ two main businesses, Prough oversees the firm’s media and entertainment investment banking practice, focusing primarily on mergers and acquisitions advisory services.

Jamie Uzeta, School Committee Member

Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Jaime Ernesto Uzeta was the VP of Innovation and Partnerships at BUILD, where he oversaw the organization’s transformational impact efforts. His unique background blends education design, media, technology, and public service.

2022-23 School Committee Meeting Dates (These dates are subject to change.)

  • 9/15/22
  • 10/20/22
  • 12/1/22
  • 2/23/23
  • 3/16/23
  • 4/20/23
  • 5/18/23