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The Five Critical Components of P.B.I.S.

1. Clear Expectations

Our “Standards Matrix” documents what we’ve agreed to teach, monitor, and enforce.

2. Explicitly Taught

  • Each area or activity in the matrix is accompanied by a lesson plan.
  • A schedule for teaching and re-teaching behaviors is used.

3. A System For Increasing Desired Behavior (Rewards)

  • A series of rewards and recognition systems is developed and used, to encourage positive and appropriate behaviors.
  • (Honest, Optimistic, Work Hard, Lead by example).

4. A System For Decreasing Undesired Behavior (Major/Minor List, Flow Chart)

A correction system is developed and used, with clear steps to be taken, depending on whether the behavior is major or minor. This section contains definitions, examples, and a flow chart of how to respond to each level of behavior.

5. A System For Data-Based Decision-Making (SWIS, Kickboard)

Data answers two important questions. Are we…

Five Big Ideas

  1. All children can learn and are always learning! Children are learning all the time. If you work around children, you are a teacher.
  2. School is responsible for preparing students for life. Schools should teach important life lessons.
  3. School expectations must be explicit, and taught to all children.
  4. The only way to change student behavior is to change adult behavior. We create the environments in which behaviors arise. Things aren’t always as they appear! Human perception is often flawed. It is important to use data.

PBIS Handbook 2020-2021

PBIS Handbook 2020-2021

Distance Learning Flow Chart 2020-2021

PBIS – Minor and Major Infractions