Attendance Policy

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Attendance Policy

Our goal is to strive for 100% attendance.

All students are considered truant after 3 or more consecutive unexcused absences, early leaves, and/or tardie more than 30 minutes each attendance quarter.

Student’s parent or guardian will recieve a letter informing them of a Student Attendance Review Team meeting when the above is met.

Attendance Policy

  • Parent/guardian recieves daily attendance text/phone call when student is absent or tardy to school.
  • Students recieve $4 daily on Kickboard for being present and lose $4 for being absent.
  • Weekly perfect attendance students recieve free dress passes for following Monday.
  • Monthly Perfect Attendance Food Parties for students.
  • Weekly Perfect Attendance Raffles
  • Student is withdrawn when absent for 5 consecutive days without parent communication to the school.

Attendance Do’s

  • Be on time.
  • Be present.
  • Send student with a valid note when absent.
  • Call office to notify of any support needed for student to attend school.

Attendance Do Not’s

  • Be late.
  • Be absent, tardy, or leave early more than 3 consecutive days.